Sphero Ollie

The Sphero Ollie is an App-Controlled, Programmable racing robot made by Sphero. It can reach speeds of up to 14 mph (23 kmph). You can program this using the SPRK Lightning Lab (Available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Chrome OS).

Ollie can do tricks such as flips, spins etc., and has a durable shell so there are no worries about crashing. It has a charging time of 3 hours, and works for 60 minutes with one charge. It is customisable, as you can change the tires and hub caps. This is also available in the darkside version, and can be controlled with the Sphero Force Band.

Read more about the Ollie here.

This can be programmed with SPRK Lightning Lab, Tickle and Tynker.

Here is a Screenshot of a program for the ollie to move forward and change colours:

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 6.57.44 PM.png

Go to Sphero’s Website to learn more about and buy Ollie and other products.


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